Climate Smart Carbon Footprint Training & Software for Manitoba Environmental Industries Association Members

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The climate crisis is a major concern for the world's inhabitants, but it can be tackled with innovation and creativity.  The Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA) has partnered with BMO Radicle and is offering 5 members the opportunity to tackle their carbon footprint and become a Climate Smart Business at a discounted rate of - $1749 instead of $2749!  
This is a first-come, first-served offer with limited availability. 
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Climate smart journey
Receive BMO Radicle’s award-winning training to learn the basics of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon accounting best practices. Through the Climate Smart software, you’ll calculate your carbon footprint, map your emissions, and understand where your emissions originate from.  

Enrolling as an MEIA member, you'll get:

  • $1000 off the BMO Radicle Climate Smart Pro rate (regular price $2,749)
  • All the benefits of a Pro user, which are outlined here 

What is Climate Smart?

Watch how Climate Smart works in 90 seconds.
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Climate Smart is a cloud-based software and training program for businesses looking to understand and reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – AKA their carbon footprint. 

As part of the program, attendees receive training to learn the basics of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon accounting best practices.

Climate Smart's training and software adheres to the most recognized international standard in organizational carbon accounting known as the World Recourses Institute's Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol).  The GHG protocol aligns with ISO and is the international standard used by majority  Fortune 500 companies.

See how Harbortown Industries started their Climate Smart Journey

Become a climate leader.


Cut Carbon, Cut Costs

Work towards reducing carbon emissions and cutting operational costs.


Future-proof your business

Get ahead of or comply with upcoming regulations, supply chain pressure, or customer demands.


Competitive advantage

Be one of the first in your industry to turn change into a competitive advantage.


Build in-house skills

Help your team drive environmental and community initiatives long into the future.



Pricing starts at $749 CAD for 12 months of software access to complete your inventory, along with limited access to training sessions.


One-on-one personalized support

Get support from a sustainability advisor to help your business make the most impact with its reduction plan.


Attract top talent

Take climate action and attract top-notch industry talent.


Measure what matters

Attain carbon footprint metrics for reports, RFPs, plus solid numbers for complementary assessments like BCorp, Green Marine, and ISO.

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Court Ellice

Analyst, Sales, Global Markets


The journey to reducing emissions requires a company to measure and understand its current carbon output.  Check out this whitepaper.

If you are curious to start you sustainability journey, get in touch.